Any reviews on aligners?

I am very new to this online thing and I don’t know where to look for details about an aligner my grandson mentioned yesterday. He keeps on nagging me about this because he said he needed it so he’ll have perfect teeth. I decided to sign up for this forum hoping someone out there can help me. He mentioned BYTE. I guess that’s the brand or provider for this aligner. Is there a website where all details about byte can be seen?

It’s so sweet of you to look out for your grandson. Grandmothers want the best for their grandchildren. :blush:

My son also chose Byte for his aligner. He didn’t have any problem with it. He was done with his treatment for 8 months. He still needed retainers after as we were told it might relapse. Until now he has his retainers with him and uses it for a shorter period of time.

Good day Bea. :slightly_smiling_face:

You should check out this link here -
It contains everything you need to know about Byte. If you have other concerns that weren’t discussed there feel free to ask in this forum. :smiley:

Hey Bea :slight_smile:

You should also consider looking at reviews on other providers, not just on Byte. Having options might make you confused even more but at least you get to weigh which is the best of all the providers. Check this website to compare –

I chose Byte and I have no regrets. My treatment has been going smoothly. I think I’ll be finishing soon. Wish me luck!

You might want to consider reading this too just in case you are considering the nighttime option.

Thank you for sharing!

Their main site has lots of reviews from different providers. You should read them first before deciding.

Have you chosen an aligner for your grandson? You can share his experience with his aligners on this site. :grin:

Just leaving this here Experience of ordering impression kits from different aligner providers - #6 by mrclint

It can help other clients or customers in deciding which provider to choose.