Customer support

In case I have a problem with my aligners, how can I be assured that the provider I chose is easy to get in touch with? Can I easily send an email? Should I call them? Or do they have an office where I can go to? I hope somebody can answer. Thanks!

Hello Lindsay! I think all providers have good customer support. Usually, they give their contact number so you can reach them if you have any problem.

I found a link where you can see which provider has email support, chat support, phone support, and physical locations. It’s under “Reassurance.”

You should definitely check first if the provider has good reviews when it comes to customer support. This is very important so you can reach out quickly if anything happens to your aligners.

When I broke my aligner I immediately contacted my provider and they told me what to do. I recommend anyone who’s looking for a provider to also consider the availability of your provider in case you have a problem.

I agree with this! I had the same experience with my provider.

Most providers have a number you can easily reach. Calling them usually is the best way to update them in case you have a problem with your aligners.

Before deciding on which provider you’ll be choosing, you should look at their customer support. This is an important factor because it can affect your treatment. If they have bad customer support, you won’t be reaching them anytime you need them or if you have any problem with your aligners.

Whatever issue you may encounter, make sure to inform them immediately. Things that might be minuscule could affect your treatment.

I am sure the customer support for providers from registered dental clinics with orthodontists will be the most reliable. Aside from them having numbers which you can call anytime, you can go physically to their clinics if you have urgent matter that needs to be attended. Other providers of aligners don’t have their own clinic or space so you can’t go to their office if you have any problems.

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