Accessories needed for aligners

What are the common accessories needed that can help me adjust to aligners a lot easier? It was mentioned that I need cleaning crystals. How is that different from cleaning tablets?

Do I also need orthodontic wax like with braces?

Thanks to those who’ll answer. :smiley:

Yes, you can also use orthodontic wax with aligners. If they hurt your gums or tongue and cause irritation or pain, you can put wax to prevent them from causing further damage.

Denture tablets work perfectly for me. I’ve always use that since it is the one always available. Soak the trays once a day with 1 tablet. I don’t know the difference between this crystals and denture tablets.

So far in my treatment, I didn’t use any orthodontic wax yet. If your aligners are well-made, you won’t need that. The most important accessory that you need is the cleaning tablet or cystals. Both of them has the same purpose so you can buy either. You will also need a case so you can have a container to put your aligners if you are eating. If you have them, you won’t need to wrap your aligners with tissue or napkin and have them mistakenly thrown out.

I believe the most important accessory is the retainer case. Next would be the cleaning tablets. It’s also best to have a travel brush and floss for you. Flossing is important to remove the food between your teeth, which is something you must do before you put your trays back on.

It’s rare for people to need orthodontic wax but you should have one in case you need it. So when I had my aligners, I always had a soft-bristled toothbrush, floss, retainer cleaning product, retainer or denture box, and a travel size hygiene pack. Your hygiene pack should include everything I’ve listed.

101% agree. Travel dental kit is very important. I always have cleaning tablets in every bag I have so whenever I change bag, I’m sure that I have it.

Personally, I only used cleaning tablets. I didn’t use orthodontic wax because there were no sharp edges on my aligners. Common hygiene kit would comprise brush and floss. Nothing else. i made it simple for me

Don’t forget your toothpaste! :wink:

I only have the ff items:
Aligner case
Cleaning tablets
Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss