Address aligners, lisp issue

Has anyone lisped after using reveal aligners? After 7 weeks of having them, I’m still having a lot of trouble with my lisp! I had assumed that after spending so much money, the braces would be “invisible,” yet people are always asking me what’s wrong with my mouth!

Hello, I got revealed too. I believe I lisped for a few months. It is still very slightly present, but I barely notice it, so I really doubt that anyone else will.

Six weeks in, I also have a lisp, but I’ve seen that it becomes worse as my tray life (two weeks out) approaches. When I take them out to clean, I feel like they become looser around the backs of my front and bottom teeth, which could make speaking more difficult. If I “really” concentrate on my speech, I can get rid of most of the lisp, but that means speaking more slowly. In my opinion, nobody seems to notice!

I had a lisp for a while with my aligners too. It was really frustrating, but it did get better. I practiced speaking in front of a mirror, and that helped a lot. Don’t worry too much, it should improve!

I’ve been using Reveal aligners for about 5 months now, and my lisp improved a lot after the first 2 months. I found that drinking plenty of water helped, and I practiced reading aloud to get used to speaking with them lol :sweat_smile:

I had a lisp with my aligners as well, though not Reveal. It took around 10 weeks for it to go away completely. Keep practicing and give it a bit more time. If it’s still bothering you, talking to your orthodontist might help. They might have some tips or adjustments they can make.