Affordability of Aligners

I have a son who needs either braces or aligners. I am currently looking at prices so I can weigh my options. I don’t have much right now so I would like to ask if anyone has an idea how much is the “cheapest” or most affordable aligner. I want to know what brand it is. Thanks in advance.

Based on what I’ve been reading, AlignerCo is the cheapest aligner out there. I got that information from this link ->

This is another link you might want to look at to check for the prices. You can find it at the bottom of this page ->

When I first considered aligners, I was just thinking about the price. I was still as student back then so I was looking for the cheapest one. After I got to ask people I know who had aligners, they told me to consider not just the cost but also the reviews of the brand. But honestly when I saw the review for the “cheapest” aligner, it was actually okay.

Actually the cheapest way of straightening teeth is through traditional braces but if you wanted to have a discreet appliance to fix his teeth, it’s nice to have clear aligners as an option.

How about Byte? How much would it cost?

Paying upfront would make the aligners cheaper. It depends on how much you could set aside for the treatment. It’s also good to get the installment plan but when you look at the total cost it would be more expensive.

If you have dental insurance you should check if it covers orthodontic treatments. If it doesn’t, there are easy finance options depending on the provider that you’ll choose.

You should consider all factors, not only the cost. You can get the monthly payments.

Other insurance can cover orthodontic costs.

Yes, others can cover a part of the cost and you can pay for the other half.

You can negotiate with your provider to get the best price. It never hurts to ask. Usually we’re just to shy to ask and we end up not knowing that it’s actually negotiable.