Aligner co good enough? They're offering me for $595

is it really worth it?

Nope, take off. It’s a scam if you don’t meet a real Orthodox person in person.

With Alignerco, I’m on tray 10 out of 15. I’ve observed a change in my teeth thus far, but we’ll see at the end.

My upper and lower teeth were crowded. It really depends on how damaged your teeth are, to begin with. If your condition is more complicated, I believe you should see an orthopedic surgeon. But I’m not expecting flawless results in the end, and there was no way I could afford the $6,000 for Invisalign. After my treatment is through, I will post an update.

Since my response, they have sent two more. For him to be so annoying, he must need to meet his sales target.

No. I can’t give additional context because I signed an NDA.