Aligners with missing teeth or tooth

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I’ve been reading different topics here in the forum and I haven’t seen a topic about this.
Can you get aligners when you have missing teeth?

I’ve read on some forums that several people had their aligners with missing teeth. I believe Invisalign can close the gap that was left from your missing tooth. I’m just not so sure if other aligners can close those gaps left by extracted teeth. To be sure, email or ask directly the providers to get accurate answers.

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If you are unsure, get a second opinion from an orthodontist. Missing teeth can sometimes cause bite problems so it’s better to have them treated by an orthodontist.

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You should discuss this with your dentist or orthodontist. They have different options for people with missing teeth. They can close the space by moving other teeth forward or backward to close it. They can also suggest having a bridge or implant. There are a lot of options that can be better explained by dental professionals.

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Have you read about the people who had only upper aligners? Did they have good results even if they only had the upper ones?

I was curious about that. I think the aligners will straighten the teeth but it might ruin the bite because you only chose to fix one arch.

Most comments about the ones who had only one arch complained of their bite.

Aligners or Invisalign treatment can still be done if there is a missing tooth/teeth. The plan usually involves closing the space or opening or maintaining the space for a future implant or bridge placement. This will ensure the size and shape of the implant, crown or bridge is as ideal as possible. Saw this reply from a comment by a registered dentist.
Read it on this page:

It’s definitely possible to have aligners even if you have missing teeth. If the space created by your missing teeth is too great and can’t be closed, you can have an implant or bridge placed to fill the space.

It can be done as long as there are more teeth than missing teeth.