Are clear aligners safe

I watched lots of videos on youtube about different providers of aligners and there were some comments that are negative. I read a few comments that when they removed their aligners, their crowns came off with it. There was also a trending TikTok video showing the same experience. The comments said that the whole tooth came off with the aligners, but looking at it I believed it was a crown. That’s just one of the concerns that I’ve read. While others expressed their experiences with some of the providers that had bad customer service support.

So now I’m thinking if aligners are safe. I am looking into the different options of fixing my open bite so I am having extensive research on it. Can somebody enlighten me?

Getting aligners with crowns, veneers, or bridges may be tricky because if they aren’t placed properly, they can be damaged with the force applied by the aligner.

Having a consultation with a dentist or an orthodontist is important so they can assess if some of your teeth need restoration before having your teeth straightened. If you have crowns or veneers, they will need to check them if they are still in proper condition. They might need changing before you get your aligners or Invisalign.

It is very unusual for aligners to pull off a crown that is well made and properly cemented.

I don’t have any crown or veneers, but I got concerned about the safety of the aligners because some people were ranting that they regret having them.

Maybe most complainants didn’t get to have a proper consultation from a dentist.

Aligners are safe when you have a healthy oral cavity. You have to make sure that all cavities are restored. If you have gum disease, you need to get that treated first. You won’t have problems as long as there is an orthodontist that sees the progress of your teeth.

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If I were you I won’t be that concerned with a crown being removed by your aligner. If it’s a new crown and just got cemented, I guess it’s still good. And for the customer service support issue, some providers really do have bad service so you should consider researching which providers have good customer service support.

I believe so, too. I just wish providers always require a proper consultation first.

A proper consultation should include a comprehensive xray and clinical examination. Some will also take pictures to study your facial profile.

No matter how good the service or product is, there will be people who will complain or rant. People have different experiences with each product. It really depends on each person’s case. They might have a problem already with their crown before they even had their aligners.

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Yea, thanks for this. I just get affected by other people’s comments because I’m afraid it will also happen to me. Better to have a consultation with a professional to remove the doubts. That’s what I exactly did. And I am already on my 8th pair of tray. No problem so far :wink: