Benefits of clear aligners over braces

Are there more benefits when using clear aligners compared to braces? Aside from aligners being clear and more convenient because you can remove it anytime, what are its other benefits?

Clear aligners have the ability to straighten your teeth in half the time of metal traditional braces. Most patients who get braces usually have 1 to 2 years of treatment, or sometimes more. Clear aligners have the ability to straighten your teeth in six to 12 months only.

Clear aligners slowly move your teeth into their correct positions via a series of aligner trays. Each tray is worn for about two weeks. This results in the need to lesser dental visits. While patients who have traditional braces usually need to go visit their dentist every month.

Traditional braces treatment contain brackets, elastics, and wire that is usually uncomfortable and can cut your cheeks or tongue. It is also more susceptible for the bacteria because the food that we eat sometimes stay on the brackets that can lead to decay and gum diseases. While aligners are designed in such a way that it is easy and comfortable while wearing and removing. It will eliminate the irritation and is less susceptible to developing decay.

When you play contact sports, it is better to have clear aligners because you can remove it when you are playing. Having traditional braces when you are an avid sports player can be a particular risk for costly damage to your braces.

Aligners require minimal maintenance compared to braces. They can get dirty over time when you wear them, but you can clean and freshen them by using a toothbrush dipped in a small amount of bleach and water. Scrubbing them for a minute will eliminate any stains. While having braces require a more technique sensitive way of brushing your teeth. It’s also harder to floss because the wire is on the way when you have braces. You need to use a special type of floss. Others find it too much of a hassle so they don’t floss at all.

Aligners or Invisalign can straighten teeth faster than traditional braces. I think it’s because every 2 weeks you need to change your tray so your teeth will adjust every 2 weeks. While braces needs monthly adjustment.

Well, if you are into contact sports as the metal can potentially damage tissue upon contact. it is better to have aligners. That’s why I chose aligners.