Brands of aligners

Are there different brands of aligners? Is one better than the other? I wore mine so many years ago that I don’t remember much about it, but now I am starting to get treatment for my daughter’s teeth and don’t know where to start.

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Here’s a really helpful comparison guide we put together to compare the various at home aligner brands:

There are a few factors to consider and you’ll need to just take these into account and how they affect your personal situation.

My orthodontist enumerated the different brands for clear aligners and I forgot most of them. Some of the brands I remember are Candid, byte, Smile Love and SnapCorrect. You should discuss different options with her orthodontist as they are the ones who can explain the best for your daughter.

The different brands of aligners can best be discussed with your dentist. They have different providers so they know best the difference among the different providers.

There are variety of brands out there and I also haven’t decided yet for myself.

I just found this link that I believe summarizes the advantages of each provider. It includes the comparison based on affordability, ease of use and effectiveness, reassurance, availability and convenience and other options and extras (like whitening). You should check this out!

This other link are the reviews for each one:

These links you’re sharing are very helpful for a person like me who doesn’t really know where to look for my questions.

If you had yours years ago, there are a few new brands or companies now. Just check on the main page of this site and you’ll see different providers.

You can also add Invisalign on the list of your choices.

It can be a bit overwhelming when you are presented with lots of choices.

Check the main site of You can compare them based on difference in their prices, effectiveness, convenience, etc. Their site helped me in deciding which one to choose.