Bridgework on my teeth

I have bridgework on the lower back of my teeth. Will aligners still work? I also have crowns on other teeth. I only want my front upper teeth straightened because it shifted back years after my braces.

Aligners may not be effective because bridge connects two or more teeth. Talk with your provider if you are still qualified to have your aligners.

I know somebody who had bridgework and still had aligners. Their provider explained that they will be using mild pressure so as not to damage the bridge. Ask a dental professional just to be sure.

They have different options to customize your treatment around your existing bridgework. The pressure that they will use especially on your restorations will be mild to prevent damaging it.

Is it the same for crowns? I have individual crowns made a year ago. I’m worried I might not be qualified to have aligners because of those restorations.

Your bridgework could offer resistance to tooth movement. Your provider will determine if your bridge will be affected when you have your treatment.

It would be best to ask a dental professional if you can have aligners even if you have bridgework.

Moving those teeth with bridge will be hard because the force or pressure used to move teeth using aligners is just mild. I don’t think mild pressure can move your bridge.

If you have a long span bridge on your teeth, I think the aligners wouldn’t move them.

Maybe they won’t need to move your bridge. (??) They will just the teeth that are your concern. Not sure with this, better ask them.

That’s why it is important to have a complete assessment from a dentist. They would plan your whole treatment - from oral prophylaxis, restoration, extraction, bridgework, and orthodontics. They give you a treatment plan and prioritize some procedures because other procedures might affect other procedures.

I know it’s off topic, but can I have aligners if I have missing teeth? I had 2 of my first molars removed when I was a kid/teenager.

You can definitely have aligners even if you are missing some of your teeth. The space left by those missing teeth can be closed by aligners or your dentist might suggest having it replaced by a bridge or implant.

The tooth beside my missing tooth kinda moved so there’s not enough space for a bridge. I think it will be better to have the space closed by aligners but I’m not sure if the aligners can do that.

Wouldn’t aligners break individual crowns? I saw some comments that while removing their aligners, their crown came off, too.

Yes, you can still have aligners even with missing teeth.

It will only cause dislodgement of individual crowns if the crowns are damaged already or if they weren’t made and cemented properly…

Sometimes having an implant is better than moving one of your tooth to close the space.