Can I Chew Gum with my aligners on?

My habit of chewing gum and the treatment of SDC are in contradiction. Every day, on my way to work, I pop in some chewing gum. Then I keep on chewing until lunch. It’s about 4 to 5 hours of continuous chewing
I exercise my mouth muscles by this routine. Someone told me that your get rid of a double chin by chewing gum because it burns up the extra fat. Plus, your breath remains fresh.
The aligners are made of plastic, right? They recommend that you take off your aligners while eating. Then, how am I supposed to chew gum for 4 hours when I have to wear the aligners for 22 hours every day?
I don’t want to mess up my treatment but I also don’t want to let my progress with my face go to waste.
Please advise me so I can keep carrying on with both. Is there any workaround available here?

It is not a good idea to chew gum with the aligners on. It would create sticky chaos in your mouth. If you need to chew gum, try slowly cutting down on the amount of time you chew so that you can still wear your aligner.

Chewing gum can actually help to clean your teeth when you don’t have a toothbrush available, but you do not want to leave your aligner out for long periods of time.

There are exercises you can do to target a double chin and they do not require you to chew gum. Here is a link for some!

It’s going to take some getting used to your new routine(s). But just think, in around 6 months you’ll have a straight smile and be back to chewing gum.

We’ve heard of some people chewIng on flavored chewies that you can get from Amazon. It may not be the best habit but shouldn’t do any harm to your aligners or teeth.

Hey there George. I had aligners years ago and before even having aligners I chew gum constantly. It was a way for me to distract myself to not smoke anymore and it worked. But when I got my aligners my dentist told me it’s not advisable to chew gum when you’re wearing it. The gum can stick to your aligners and will damage the trays. This would cost you more money and prevent you from having a faster treatment time. I’m not sure what other options you have for getting rid of your double chin. You can ask another specialist for that to give you another optionon what you can do with that.

Chewing gum while wearing it might damage the trays. It’s hard to take a risk. It might lead you to having your aligners replaced and you would need to pay for the replacement.

Chewing gum while wearing aligners caused the aligners to change shape. He had a habit of chewing gum since he was a kid so it was hard for him to stop that habit. After he noticed his aligners warped, we needed to get replacements for it.

I actually love chewing gum. That’s why I am thinking of just getting an aligner with a nighttime option. You should consider it so you could still do your exercise for your chin.

Chewing gum while wearing aligners is not advised. Gum can stick to aligners and it might be difficult to remove. Removing can cause warping of the material of your aligners. You should remove your aligners for any meals and snacks.

You can look for videos online on different exercises you can do to get rid of your double chin. Most of them doesn’t require you to chew gum. I hope this link will also help you.

Found this website. This might help :point_down:

So does this mean that we can still chew gum when we have aligners as long as it’s sugarless?