Can I use toothpaste to clean my Retainers?

I think everyone is in the same boat as me. Since corona hit my state. Everything has been under lockdown.
What does that mean for us?
No More Retainers!
I’m had 1 extra pair when the " Apocalypse" began. The first ones started giving off a bad odor after a few months. So I threw them away.
Now I’m down to my last piece. They are starting to stink slightly like the other ones. I can’t throw them away too. My only option is to keep them clean until I get the new ones.
So I’m going to clean them with my toothpaste.
Could anyone guide me? What method do you guys use for cleaning your retainers?

Another thing that will help to get rid of the smell would be a quick soak in mouthwash. That will help to kill any bacteria that may be left on it after a cleaning.

A lot of people use retainer/aligner cleaners like Retainer Brite to clean their aligners (and retainers) and don’t have any negative effect. As long as you follow the instructions, you should be okay.

Some ‘natural’ options include things like vinegar diluted in warm water and soaking your aligners in this solution for a few minutes. You’ll still need to give them a brush with a soft toothbrush to get rid of anything stubborn.

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My orthodontist suggested me to clean my aligners with clear, antibacterial soap, and then rinse in cool water. Denture retainer cleaners and toothpastes are too abrasive, and the transparent color of aligners might turn white or yellowish, they could also scratch.

I found this blog article that could help you


I would like to get everything I need for cleaning ahead of time as well. I want to make sure to take care of everything properly to avoid further trips to the dentist.

Make sure you brush and floss first before wearing the aligners to remove plaque and bacteria. After you remove your clear aligners, rinse them thoroughly with cold water. Make sure you never use hot water. Hot water can morph the plastic and end up ruining it. To clean the aligners, use a little bit of antibacterial soap on them. When you’re using soap to clean it, use a soft toothbrush and brush very gently, so you don’t scratch the plastic. You can also use an aligner cleaner that can be bought in the drugstore of Amazon. If you only have toothbrush available for cleaning, you should look at the label and it should say non-abrasive. Most toothpastes have abrasive that can scratch and make your aligner’s surface rough.

You can use toothpaste as long as doesn’t contain any abrasive. Usually toothpastes contain abrasive which can cause roughness when it is used in cleaning your aligners. You can check the label if it has any abrasive as a content.

You can clean your aligners using clear antibacterial soap and a soft-bristled toothbrush. This will get rid of any particles that got stuck and keep your aligners looking clear and clean. When you are not using your aligners, you should properly store it away in their case. If they are left in the open air, it exposes them to more bacteria.

There’s a special cleaning tablet that can be used to clean your aligners. If it is not available, you can brush and rinse with lukewarm water and clear liquid soap. It won’t give off a bad odor as long as you clean it properly everyday.

When my son had his aligners, he never used the usual toothpaste we use for our teeth. He used the recommended aligner cleaner named Retainer Bite. It does the job well. No bad odor and no plaque on his retainers.

Use the soaking solution also used for dentures. It helps to soften the dirt that sticks to your aligners and it will make it easier to brush.

There are also retainer and denture cleaning tablets available on Amazon. I believe they also have it in Target.