Cleaning aligners

Holiday just finished and I gotta admit I didn’t take care of my aligners that much. I didn’t have the energy and time to do my proper cleaning of aligners so they look a little stained right now. What’s the best way to clean my aligners?

You should soak them at least once a day. Buy cleaning crystals and soak your aligners according to the instructions on the packaging. After soaking, give them a good brushing to get rid of any stubborn plaque. Rinse them and put them back in after you’ve brushed your teeth. It’s best to do this every morning.

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We’ve got a good guide to cleaning aligners here you could read:

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I also recommend the cleaning tablets. I used the same cleaning tablets for retainers or dentures and it worked well for me.

I bet you already changed into your next set of trays but I still want to give how I clean my aligners. Don’t use hot or cold water. It’s best to use warm water. Using extreme temperatures can warp your aligners. Squeeze a bit of liquid soap into a cup of warm water and mix until bubbly. Soak your aligners in the soap water for 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse your aligners.

For me the best way to clean my aligners is brush my aligners with soft bristled toothbrush using liquid soap. The next step is to soak them once a day using denture tablet for 20 minutes. Using these two steps everyday will maintain the cleanliness of your aligners.

Does any cleaning tablet work? What brand would you recommend?

Yeah, I changed to the next tray and I’m about to move on to the next tray again.

Btw, why do use liquid soap in brushing your aligners, not toothpaste?

Do you soak them in the morning or at night?

any brand works well. I just order whatever is available.

I just soak them mornings and at night.