Cost of treatment

I am still considering if I’ll have aligners. A friend of mine recommended it to me but I’m not sure if I can afford it. Do you have an idea how much aligners would be?

Different providers have respective prices. Here is a link where you can compare their prices and you can also compare how they differ:

I hope this helps. Good luck on your aligners!

Here you are again Lance answering my question even before I ask it. Thank you for this. Have a good day!

Even if the total treatment cost of aligners are considered expensive, they still have installment plan so you can pay monthly.

Hey Samantha! You should have the installment plan so the cost wouldn’t be too bothersome.

This is so helpful. Thank you for this Lance. I’m considering getting Byte for my grandson.

My son had his aligners and I paid it upfront because it would cheaper than paying in installment. I remember paying $2300.

Take the offered monthly installment plan. I chose that one because I couldn’t pay upfront.

It can be affordable if you’ll choose a payment plan offered by different providers. If you can’t pay upfront, I think you can afford the monthly payment.

Orthodontists or dentists are the right people you should ask because the pricing might be different for each person since we have a unique set of teeth and bite.

Other insurance cover aligners and braces. If you have insurance, you can ask them if it covers orthodontic treatment.

Most insurance cover only Invisalign and braces. I’m not so sure if it covers other providers for other brands of aligners.