Do aligners and retainers consist of microplastic?

I’ve had Invisalign for three years now. I’ll need to wear retainers for the rest of my life after this. The chemicals contained in those traces of plastic don’t worry me. The mere knowledge that microplastics can result in stroke and brain damage… If I can, I’m avoiding plastic-packaged food and bottled water. However, the idea of living my entire life wearing plastic scares me a little (I know, I’m a weird person). I’m not sure if retainers made of metal exist. It will be a wise choice. Kindly leave your comments below.

see this for more info:

All retainers, they discovered, release microplastic. That is sad to hear.

I didn’t get aligners for that reason, among others. Microplastics can be a problem, according to my dentist.

The most plastic is found in cheese and beer. Every week, we consume a plastic credit card!