Do I need extractions

When I had my last regular check-up last year with my dentist, she told me that in case I’ll choose to have braces or aligners I need to have an extraction. My question is do I really need to have an extraction for my teeth to be aligned?

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Some people have teeth that are too crowded to receive braces or aligners. That’s when providers would recommend to have an extraction to make room for all of the teeth.

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There are many reasons that your dentist is suggesting tooth extraction. If it was suggested to you, you most likely need one to allow your teeth to properly be aligned.

If your dentist recommended it, you most likely need extractions for you to achieve the smile that you want.

I had one premolar extracted on each side in my upper arch. They were removed because of crowding issues. I was super hesitant to have extractions at first, but after reading on some studies about extractions before having braces or aligners I was convinced. The gaps after extraction weren’t that noticeable. And now, I can say that my teeth never looked better.

It’s best to have the extractions when you were advised to have it.

May I know what the problem with your teeth or bite is? I think there are cases where an extraction is really needed.

Severe crowding or sometimes extra teeth indicates extraction of teeth.

Only certain cases require extractions. If you a have a severe type of crowding and it can’t be corrected without extractions, the only way for it to be corrected is to get that extraction sadly.