Does wearing aligners cause speech impediments?

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I want to start my treatment with clear aligners but I am a little concerned.

My job involves customer service and interpersonal relationships most of the time. Thus, if aligners were to interfere with the pronunciation of my words, it would be a big problem for me.

So, I wanted to know how likely this is to happen. Also, if it does happen, how long it would persist.

I wore an aligner for a period of time and had no issues with my speech. I would not worry about it at all!

Some people find they have a slight lisp and that it takes a week or so after starting their treatment to get used to the aligners in your mouth. Many wearers don’t notice any difference at all in their speech. It will depend on your specific situation but it shouldn’t be something to put you off. It’s only temporary.

My dentist told me it will not affect my speech. It is important for my job as well so I needed to make sure it would not create any issues.

Aligners are made of very thin plastic material so I think it would cause little to none speech problems when you wear them. I have friends who had them so I asked them since I am also thinking about having a consultation if I am qualified to have aligners. One of my friends told me that at first she had a slight lisp but after a few days it disappeared. So don’t fret about that.

I am also hoping that it won’t cause any speech impediments. My job requires me to talk in front of other people. A few days of adjustment wearing the aligners is okay as long as there’s no long term effect on my speech.

Hello there! It won’t cause any speech impediments. You need to adjust for a few days only and you’re good to go.

On the first day that I got my aligners, I immediately practiced a lot of words so I can get used to speaking while wearing it. The next day my mom said it seemed like I wasn’t wearing anything at all because it didn’t change my speech.

Most patients don’t experience any problems with their speech. However, you will have an initial adjustment period with having something new in your mouth. It might take you at most a week to adjust.

In case it causes speech impediments on your part, I think it will only take a day or two.

It is unlikely to cause any speech impediments because aligners are made using thin clear plastic which makes any effect on speech very minor only.

You might be having a lisp on the few days of wearing them. And in my experience, every time I had a new set I notice the lisp on the first 2 days.

I usually have a lisp on the first day only.

Great for you. Most people aren’t comfortable in talking on the first two to three days. My friends felt awkward and looked awkward when they talked on their first days.

I have a colleague who is a singer and can still sing pretty well with her aligners on. Yes she can remove her aligners when singing but if she keeps on doing that, it might affect her results so she just practiced singing while wearing it. If she can sing without any problem, people can speak with aligners.

People wearing aligners who play any wind instruments also adjust pretty easily. If they can, anyone can :+1: