Former SDC client seeking alternatives following bankruptcy

I’m attempting to get clear aligners for the third time. I paid $2k for SDC, and while though they promised to repair my 30% overbite, they failed to do so. To summarize, they filed for bankruptcy the same week they approved a roll-up to repair it. Thus, here I am trying one final time. I spent $4k on clear aligners from Coast Dental, which did not correct my overbite either. Although they are straight, my overbite is still quite noticeable and unsightly. Which other solutions, outside Invisalign, don’t cost $6,k? I want to keep another four thousand.

Thank you for listening, and let me know if you have any other options.

Provide pictures of your overbite. That would facilitate making a choice.

Though it’s not that bad, I don’t feel comfortable showing off my teeth. 30% overbite, according to my dentist

perhaps herbst would be your best bet

What is Herbst actually?

Google Herbst Oral Appliance. It can be the miracle that shifts your jaw bite. I would know :wink:

Fascinating, how do I get this?

I believe that an orthodontist is required for this.