Has anyone tried Inbrace?

Has anyone looked into Inbrace or hidden lingual braces, and tried it?

Compared to braces, they seem more invisible.

I had read that orthodontists sometimes favor manual, non-computer-assisted lingual braces because they are harder for them to become proficient in.

Someone I know has them. They really invisible.

After around two months. Speech is odd and uneasy during the first two weeks. After that, nothing appears to be different on the exterior. Same as with standard braces, eating is slightly limited.

I had them for about seven weeks; I got the top done a week ago and the bottoms six weeks ago. To minimize pain, they were performed independently. For a few days, eating, brushing my teeth, and swallowing hurt my tongue a lot. went away really soon, and my tongue eventually adapted. I’ve only had very slight pain in the upper brackets, mainly from soreness from my teeth moving or tightening. Extremely slight lisp; I was pleasantly surprised by how little it affected my speaking.

I’m quite happy that I chose this over Invisalign. For the first six weeks of my treatment, I wore a plastic retainer to start moving my bite using rubber bands, and I was completely non-compliant.

This was something that just a few suppliers in my area provided, so I had to look for it! If it’s any assistance, Invisalign and Brace were the same cost after two consultations.

just got my bottoms on today. Any advice for eating? Did you listen to them regarding the foods you are not supposed to eat

Spend a few days eating soft food. I just suffered since I detested the wax as well. However, ortho dots seem like a good substitute. After some time, my tongue simply “got” it and stopped hurting!

And no, I didn’t follow the directions there, hehe. I’ve eaten popcorn, but I try to stay away from anything that tastes like caramel because they stick so badly. After eating bread, one of my brackets also broke off. So strange.

Oh, and I heartily endorse dental picks! If I’m at home, they’re a great soft substitute for toothpicks and help me remove food after eating.

Wishing you luck! I’m hoping it improves!