Having trouble switching to the new ClearCorrect tray on one side; is this typical?

Hi there to all of you.

I’ve been using ClearCorrect for over two months, and I’m on my sixth tray right now. Thanks to the orthodontic accelerator device, I was able to change my trays every 6 days instead of 10 days. Going on to tray 7, though, is a little difficult for me because of the top right side of my lips. When switching to tray 6, I experienced a similar problem, but it eventually got better. As of right now, everything fits fine on the upper left and bottom sides, but it appears almost impossible to place the tray on the upper right side. Has this happened to anyone else? Is this typical? How did you accomplish that?

I look forward to your thoughts and suggestions. Regards!

Are you able to manipulate the tray?