Help me choose the best option from SDC, Candid and Invisalign

I’m in bit of a confusion here. I decided that I want to get an aligner’s treatment instead of braces. I’m at the stage of choosing a company and a plan for myself. And it’s EXHAUSTING!

So many companies-Candid, byte, Smile direct club and Invisalign- and all these companies have their own plans as well.

Finally, after days of research, I shortlisted 3 companies; Candid, Invisalign, and Smile Direct Club.

I choose SDC because its the cheapest. I’m a student, therefore, I don’t have much to spend on myself. My teeth are not even that crooked. I would rate them a little below average. Some people say candid is a better option. I know, but SDC is the more ideal for me. I don’t want a high-end treatment. If there is an option of DIY, then why not?

Next is Candid, the best thing about it is that the whole procedure is done under the supervision of an orthodontist. Some articles say that Candid is a better option than SDC.

They have less treatment time and an orthodontist is also present for you.

Finally, there’s Invisalign. It’s the most expensive on my list. I was going to pass them the first time I saw their price. But once I read some comparisons and reviews of other people. My opinion changed. I’m considering Invisalign too because of their high-quality treatment. It always gives results.

I’m stuck between Candid and SDC for the price. At the same time, I don’t want to waste my money on something that won’t bring results. That’s why I’m willing to spend more on Invisalign because it works.

Surely, there are some buyers of one of them. What was your experience with them? If there’s any dentist present, then please help me.

Anything would be appreciated.

byte FTW. They’re probably one of the best around

Though you have done your own research, it is a good idea to ask your personal care provider. The professionals have the best knowledge. The upfront cost may be a lot, but you want the best care.

My brother avoided going to the dentist for a long time because it is something he absolutely hates. He had a very sore mouth and eventually had to go and the estimate for his treatment now is $14 000.

I would ask your dentist and then ask about payment plans. You probably won’t have to pay the full cost right away!

Take a look here as it may help your decision:

It’ll come down to a few factors that are important to you. What is your budget? Do you want an ‘at night’ only plan?

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There are some factors you need to take into account:

  • Budget

  • Time

  • Severity of your case in particular

  • Your orthodontist’s advice and also experience (with that specific brand)

A good aligner allows for gradual change that won’t cause extreme pain. Good aligners will also come from companies that offer individual care plans, and more often than not, the kind of extras that the companies usually offer.

You can look for options here :point_down:


Thanks for this tip. I am in the same boat trying to decide which one is best! There is so much information to wade through and it can be overwhelming.

The reviews on this link might help you decide which provider to choose:

Also, you can ask directly from the provider if you have any concern regarding their aligners. I’m sure they’ll be glad to help you in making it easy for you to decide.

It’s great that you read all the reviews that you can find for all the brands or providers of aligners. It’s right that you should consider everything, not just the cost. It’s important that you consider the experience of other people who already used it already.

If you want to have a complete assessment of your oral cavity and have sets of x-rays before having your aligners, you should consider having Invisalign. The only thing is it’s a lot more expensive than other companies.

If you also have a problem with your bite, you have to go with Invisalign.

I too was overwhelmed when I was introduced to all the options that were offered to me.