In terms of costs, is my doctor trying to squeeze out an extra buck?

Yesterday, I went to the doctor to learn more about the Invisalign treatment plan and its accompanying fees. This appointment was scheduled using the Invisalign website.

The doctor took two X-rays, took a handful of pictures of my face and smile, and performed a 3D scan of my upper and lower jaws during the visit. She mentioned that since I had made the appointment online, the scans were free, but I would still need to pay for the X-rays, which I was okay with.

After this was completed, I expected to be given a summary of the recommended course of action and a treatment quote. However, the doctor informed me that there would be an extra charge for them to take scans and send them to Invisalign. Invisalign would then provide them with a 3D video outlining the treatment plan, and they would then be able to provide me with an estimate. She continued by saying that she would need to receive payment and watch this video before she could remark on how light, moderate, or serious the situation was.

I don’t get this because the doctor took two x-rays and a 3D scan of my upper and lower teeth during our consultation.

She continued by saying that although the fresh scans would be free, I would have to pay extra for the 3D video that the doctor needed to make an assessment.

Have any of you had the same experiences, or is the doctor possibly trying to deceive me? It is difficult for me to comprehend that, to obtain an accurate price from the doctor and decide whether or not to purchase aligners, I must pay roughly 10% of the estimated cost of treatment (based on my calculations).

Switch to a different service provider. I had seven consultations for Invisalign (I started in one place, relocated, and started again to receive quotes), and just one of the providers I called said the first consultation would be expensive. And not even anything—nearly $500! That’s right—I didn’t go there.

If you go elsewhere, you can be confident that you will be able to obtain quotations at no cost. Never give those people a dime.

Definitely ask Designer Aligners for help. They are extremely knowledgeable and cost 75–80% less.

I believe the main issue is that until the 3D simulation is done, we are unable to estimate the quantity of aligners or the length of treatment with 100% precision. You are correct, though, that an expert operator can estimate a ballpark figure from images, give or take a few months.

Can you find an iTero scanner at your dentist’s? In that case, Align does not charge the dentist for scanning or sending Invisalign scans to Align. In order to obtain the “video” they are referring to, the dentist must also select the sort of therapy. Dentists are only billed when the plan they are shown by Align is approved. There is no fee up until that point. I would advise looking for another, less shady dentist.