Is it ok to drink hot or cold beverages while wearing aligners?

I love to drink coffee and tea. I usually drink around 5 cups of coffee every day.

I will start my clear aligner treatment very soon and I wanted to know If I can drink these beverages while using them? I don’t want to go through the hassle of removing them every time.

But I am also concerned about the fact that coffee contains sugar and other components that could stick to the surface of my teeth or on the retainer and cause a major issue.

you can’t drink coffee or anything besides water with them in. Just take them out first!

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You definitely have to take it out first. It is not just the sugar or cream in a hot beverage that can cause problems.
Your device is plastic and the heat can warp it. It will start to warp and change shape and then it is ineffective in your treatment.

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Steer clear of anything except clear, cold water when you’ve got your aligners in your mouth…especially coffee and sugar! :slightly_smiling_face:

You’ll be back to normal before you know it.

Thanks for asking the question. I was wondering the same thing. I usually have a couple of cups of coffee in the morning and then I switch to water for the day. But my coffee is in a travel cup and can last up to an hour.
I hope it is okay to have my aligner out for that length of time.

I actually have the same concern. Aside from smoking, I am a coffee and tea lover. I was told that you should remove your aligners prior to drinking coffee or tea. When you’re wearing your aligners you are advised to only drink cool water. Hot drink can cause warping.

Wearing cool clear drink is advised for patients wearing aligners. If you wanted to drink a hot beverage you should remove it first so it won’t cause warping on your aligners.

I’ve been reading all comments and questions here in this forum and it has been very helpful. My son doesn’t have his aligners yet but I’m trying to know more to make sure he gets the best treatment possible. I will let him read through this forum again once he gets his aligners. Thank you so much!

Drinking hot drinks while wearing your aligners is not recommended. The high temperature can warp the plastic used in making your aligner. Also, drinking colored drinks can discolor the material so better remove it when drinking coffee and tea.

Better to stop drinking coffee or tea when you have your aligners.

It is safer to drink beverages that aren’t too hot or too cold. It will cause expanding of your aligners when the plastic of aligners are exposed to hot temperature. And it will cause shrinking when aligners are exposed to cold temperatures.

I think the recommended drink only when wearing aligners is water. Other beverages like coffee and tea can stain your aligners making them not clear anymore.

Providers use different materials for their aligners. Others are more resistant to shrinking and expanding than others. You should ask your provider about it.