Is retreatment possible using aligners?

Since having my braces removed, my teeth have shifted. I admit it’s my fault because I didn’t wear the retainers given to me by my dentist. Can aligners fix this? And how long will it take? I had my braces for 2 years. I don’t want to have aligners for 2 years again.

Aligners can treat almost all common teeth-straightening problems. Many people who previously had braces choose aligners to improve their smile when their teeth have shifted back. The length of your treatment would depend on the complexity of the issue on your teeth but I don’t think it would take 2 years for retreatment.

My teeth shifted years after my braces. I now have a bridge on my lower back teeth and I’m wondering if I can still have aligners.

My boyfriend’s teeth shifted back just 9 months after his braces. He lost his retainers and never got back to his dentist to have another one made. He wasn’t bothered by it at first but now after a year, he has a gap between his two front upper teeth. I am looking into aligners so he can have his teeth fixed again.

The length depends on different factors. For simple cases, treatment time with aligners can be as short as six months. For more complex and severe cases, the treatment time could be 24 months or longer. It would also depend on your compliance. If you keep on removing your aligners it might take longer for you to see you results.

My retreatment lasted only for 10months. After the treatment, I had to wear retainers to prevent shifting.

I’ve read that some people only had their aligners for 6 months and they had their teeth straightened already. If your case is only minor, you could expect it to be done in less than a year.

Maybe you’ll have it for a shorter period of time. Though several factors should be considered before saying for sure how long your treatment would be.

If your teeth shifted but it isn’t that big of a difference, I think your aligner treatment can be done for 6 months.

Aligners are perfect for retreatment. It will be faster and more pleasing to look at- because you don’t have the metal brackets that can be seen from afar.

Yes, it is possible. I know a lot of people who had their braces previously and also had aligners after because they also didn’t use their retainers.

It’s true. She can have perfect teeth (again) within a few months. She just needs to wear her retainers this time.

Just hearing about having both the braces and aligners, I’m thinking how expensive how much they paid for that. :grimacing: