Is there a risk of virus transmission through my retainers?

I have some questions about the quality of the SDC delivery service. From manufacturing to the delivery guy. my retainers would go through a lot of hands. I’m worried about the transmission of COVID. I may be over-reacting but germs of COVID can stay on a surface for up to 2 days.

Do they have some special procedures where they disinfect the retainers and ensure that the retainers remain clean until they reach the customer?

I’m very concerned about my family. I don’t want to put anyone’s life at risk. One of my relatives got infected, and since then the fear of corona has grown greater.

Can I use alcohol pads to disinfect them? Is it safe to put them in your mouth after that?

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The current Covid situation is something to take seriously, so we completely understand your concerns.

On all accounts, most (if not all) reputable aligner providers are taking effective measures to ensure the safety of both their staff and their patients.

That being said, if you are still concerned, you can always disinfect your aligners once you receive them. There are quite a few cleaners out there!

It may be a good idea to reach out to the aligner company you’re thinking of going with and ask them about the specific safety measures they’re taking in the current climate.

Definitely check in the with company you are dealing with. There are measures in place for the safety of everyone and dental companies and those providing various medical treatments are probably extra careful.

I took my brother to his dental appointment and I was not even allowed to go in the waiting area since I was not a patient. I had to wait outside. They also had the doors locked and you had to call when you arrived for your appointment. They greeted the patient at the door with a mask and hand sanitiser.

I think that special precautions will be taken with anything that goes into your mouth. Just check with the specific company to see how they are dealing with the situation.

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I think with CoVid, there is a higher risk for everything. I am going to be discussing the precautions I need to take with my dentist.

I believe dentists are doing their best to ensure safety for all of their patients. They upgraded their infection control since the pandemic started.

For disinfecting your retainers, clean it before and after placement in your mouth. Gentle scrubbing with a toothbrush and a mild liquid soap will remove plaque. A denture cleaning solution will help in the removal of dirt. Be sure to rinse the retainers thoroughly after cleaning to remove any cleanser residue.

Discuss the infection control done by your dental company so you would be assured. I believe they are using all possible measures to make every dental appointment safe. When going to your dentist it is best if you come alone because your companion might not even be permitted to come inside the clinic. Though if you are a minor you can have your guardian with you.

Reading this makes me glad. I don’t want my grandson contracting the disease when he gets his aligners.

Most companies now have set up a good infection control not just for their patients, but also for their staff. In choosing a provider, contact them and ask how they disinfect their products. I believe they disinfect the aligners and the packaging before they deliver it.

Everyone is doing their job in preventing transmission of virus. :slight_smile:

Before any retainer, instrument, or material is delivered to the dentists’ clinic, they are thoroughly sterilized or disinfected. If you aren’t sure if the clinic you go to is practicing the right protocol, call them and ask their procedures on disinfection and sanitation.

Dentists are extremely good at infection control. They are cautious even before the pandemic, so they got stricter control now. If a clinic or company doesn’t have the proper equipment and protocol, they won’t see you. They are afraid of catching something from patients so they are very careful.

This is so true. Dentists are one of the most at risk to get the virus because their job is directly working on the mouth. Oral prophylaxis, restorations, and most procedures produce aerosols which is the nature of transmission of coronavirus. Before they opened their clinics this pandemic, they’ve studied all about the right and safest protocol to ensure safety for their patients and also for themselves.

I read many articles that dentists and dental hygienists have the highest risk of jobs during a pandemic. That’s why it’s expensive to have your teeth done.

People complain about the high cost of going to the dentist but they don’t understand this. That their profession has a high risk to get infected.

Dentists have lots of sterilizing and disinfecting machines that are checked by their association. Without those machines, they can’t operate. They don’t just wash their materials and instruments with water and soap so I’m confident most of them are pretty safe.

That’s why I don’t complain or negotiate with the price given by the dentist. I know that they are risking their health whenever they treat a patient because lots of diseases can be passed through the oral cavity.

Because of the increase risk for them this pandemic, other clinic also require a negative swab test. This would make the price for dental treatment more expensive.

I also don’t complain because I trust my dentist. It’s important that you look for a dentist that you trust.

Dental offices have lots of disinfecting or sterilizing machines. They have autoclave and UV sterilizer. Though I’m not sure what they use for the aligners. I’m sure they ensure every patient’s safety especially this pandemic. Protecting their patients also protects them from contracting the disease.

I can’t help but complain sometimes because some procedures are too expensive. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: In other countries, some procedures are cheaper than US price but the quality is just the same.