Is there an age limit for clear aligner?

I am interested in getting aligners because I’ve been bothered lately with the space between my upper 2 front teeth. I have second thoughts because I think my jaw bone is hard and dense already since I’m already 30 years old. Am I still qualified to have aligners to fix my teeth?

I guess the common notion is it’s only for teenagers and kids. I asked this from my dental clinic years before and they said it is never too late to have your teeth straightened using aligners. But since older people tend to have denser bone, some teeth may have a longer time to move while other teeth will move easily so it really depends on your density. That’s also the reason why older people tend to have longer treatment time compared to teenagers.

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I am only 24 years old and I still opt for aligners. It was explained to me that there’s no limit on what your age is if you want to have your straightened out and fixed. It is best if you go to your dentist to have them check your teeth if you are qualified. I think you have a great chance of being qualified for aligners.

As long as you are compliant with the recommendations of your dentist on how to use your aligners and how long you can use it, you can get aligners. I haven’t heard of anyone who didn’t qualify for aligners because of their age. Age is just a number even in orthodontic.

Good day! I don’t think there’s an age limit for it. Specifically for SDC I saw that their aligners just posted how old you have to be to receive this treatment so I think being 30 makes you qualified. You can check on this link:

Thank you for this link! I’ve been thinking about it since my son is only 13 years old and I wasn’t sure if he is qualified for aligners. Good thing I saw your comment and I checked out the link…

I believe as long as your son has all of his permanent teeth present and erupted he can have his aligners already.

I had mine when I was 32 years old! And it did wonders on my teeth.

Even 50 year old adults can have their aligners. As long as you don’t have any bone or gum disease.

I have seen people aged 50 to 60 get aligners and they had improved smile. I would absolutely recommend. :wink:

As long as you still have lots of teeth present you can get them straightened. :smile: