Length of treatment time

I have another concern before I have my aligners. How long are aligner treatments? I only have a minor crooked teeth in front of my teeth. Will that take a more than a year?

Hey there Dereck. I had my aligners years ago and I had mine only for less 10 months. I had crooked upper and lower teeth. Although it may vary since people are different when it comes to how our mouths are built. It would also vary depending on how many hours you wear your aligners. If you follow your dentists on how long you should wear it, your treatment time would be shorter compared if you keep on removing your aligners throughout the day.

The length of your treatment time depends on the problem identified by your dentist. It would also depend on the severity of the problem. You can ask your dentist upon consultation the estimated time of for your treatment.

Hi Dereck, treatment time would rely on your teeth. I think the harder your case is, the longer it would be. You could use this link to check for the typical treatment time of each provider: https://aligners.co/compare#ease-of-use-effectiveness

So glad I checked this forum. Questions I’ve been having about aligners are answered here already. I hope my son’s treatment time isn’t that long. I only notice a few gaps when he smiles. I’m not sure if he has a problem with his bite.

I had mine for 10 months only! It was a great relief when I had it removed and I saw the change in my smile. I feel more confident and I now smile more. :blush:

I don’t think your treatment time would be long if you only have a minor problem. To be sure ask your provider for the estimate time. However long or short your treatment would be I’m sure it will be worth it.

Do you have an idea if choosing an aligner with the night time option lengthens the treatment time?

If it’s only a minor problem, you don’t need to worry to have your aligners for a year. 6 to 8 months might be enough for you.

They estimated my treatment time to be a year at most. You should ask for a consultation for them to give you an estimated range of your time wearing aligners.

There might be other problems on your teeth that you don’t notice. We usually know only what we notice in our front teeth. You might have other problems on the back of your teeth which need to be corrected also aside from your crooked front teeth.

Totally agree. Us common people just don’t see all the problems on our teeth. All we see are our front teeth and usually, that’s our only concern. It would be better if our teeth are thoroughly checked by dentists.

I’m currently on aligner 4 and I don’t notice much change yet. I have a 12 month plan.

I also have a 12-month plan. I just had mine and I see a difference already.

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Is there a chance that my 12-month plan will be extended? I’m worried because I don’t see much difference yet on my teeth.

It can be extended if your desired result isn’t fulfilled yet.

In some cases, there will be the need for refinements after your 12-month plan. You should expect at least 2-3 refinements. This means you may have 3 or more sets of aligners.