Overbite with aligners

One of my upper front tooth erupted at the back of my lower front tooth. I was always self-conscious when I talk, smile, or laugh because of that misplaced tooth. The only treatment option that was presented to me when I was still a teenager was braces. We didn’t have enough money at that time so my mom decided to wait until we have enough money. Now that I am an adult, I can pay for my own dental treatment and I’m looking at different options. Braces and Invisalign are the options that I keep on seeing online. I know that braces can fix my crossbite but can Invisalign or aligners fix it?

Just to clarify, do you have an overbite problem or crossbite? Because they are different from each other.

Invisalign can fix some types of crossbites and overbites. It can be dependent on how severe your case is. You have to ask your orthodontist if it can be fixed by Invisalign. They might recommend braces if they can’t be treated with aligners.

Sorry, the title should be “Crossbite with aligners” I thought they were the same. I just searched it online and realized they are quite different.

In many cases, aligners are able to correct a crossbite faster and easier than traditional braces can. Aligners cover the entire biting surface of the teeth completely. This means that it keeps teeth from touching each other. Since teeth are separated, the tooth can move into the correct position easily without being blocked by its opposing tooth. Usually with braces, the dentist still need to give you a bite block so your teeth don’t touch each other and the misplaced tooth can move to its desired position.

It can fix crossbites but not all cases.

Clear aligners may not work for every kind of crossbite. It’s particularly effective at correcting dental crossbites, in which only the teeth are affected and not the actual jawbone. In cases like this, aligners are able to correct a crossbite faster and easier than traditional braces can.

Okay then. Crossbites can be treated with aligners, though it will depend on how complicated your crossbite is.

Both aligners and braces can correct crossbite.