Periodontal Disease with aligner

I have noticed that I have gum recession on my teeth especially my front teeth on both upper and lower arches. When I had my dentist check this out, he said I have periodontal disease. I am currently having it treated. Can I have my aligners while my periodontal treatment is ongoing?

It’s advisable to finish your treatment with your periodontist first before having aligners. The aligners can be a inhibit your gums from healing.

Whether you have braces, Invisalign, or aligners, you are more susceptible to gum recession. So if you have already periodontal disease even before having orthodontic treatment, aligners will make it worse if you don’t finish your treatment for it.

Periodontitis is a long-term, inflammatory disease. Depending on the complexity of your periodontal disease, it may take 2 visits or more. If you have a more advanced disease, it may take a while and you might need periodontal surgery. You need to finish your whole treatment until the condition of your oral cavity is optimal.

Ask your dentist because they usually have a treatment plan for every problem that they would see in your oral cavity. When I go to my dentist, she will do a comprehensive check-up where I have x-rays and take pictures every 6 months. After getting enough data or information, she will explain everything that needs to be done on my teeth and the estimated time of treatment.

It’s best to have healthy gums and bone before having your teeth straightened.

If you only have a slight inflammation of your gums, it can be treated with good oral hygiene so it’s okay to have aligners. But having periodontal disease is another matter.

Flossing can also be beneficial for a patient, whether a patient has gingivitis or periodontitis.

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This applies to both braces or aligners.

Amen to this :open_hands: I didn’t floss before and I always had bleeding when I floss and brush. But now I can’t go on a day without flossing.