Question about my retainer

I made an order with Dr. Direct Retainers. Has anyone used these among y’all? Do they actually deliver retainers?

It wouldn’t surprise me if Dr. Direct filed for bankruptcy as well.

They will definitely send them out, I’m sure of it. They are among the few making use of the smiledirectclub 3D scans and tooth impressions already available.

But still…

Numerous posts on this site claim to be bogus, connected to the first SmileDirect Club that failed, etc. Caution: conduct your own research.

My wife and I received retainers from them since SDC closed just before the completion of our treatment, leaving us without retainers.

We ordered them, and it took about three weeks for them to arrive. They fit us rather well—at first, a little tight, but that was to be expected because we hadn’t worn retainers—for months before the last aligner. They felt comfortable and were simple to put on and take off after a day of wear. The material appears to be comparable to that of SDC.

If you’re in the Facebook group, I’ve seen posts about them there as well.