Regularity of wearing aligners

Hello everyone, I know this is a stupid question, but I’m planning to get aligners, go to some parties three months later, and attend a few festivals that usually end with all-night drinking and eating. What if we can’t adhere to the 22-hour rule, which suggests wearing them for a few days every now and then? Has this happened to anyone?

If you begin finding excuses for failing to wear them, your course of therapy will be prolonged. Put them on and take them off to eat. For cleaning up, bring a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Why is it that aligners aren’t allowed during festivals? If you’re concerned about eating or brushing, it’s much better to have some delicious festival fare, use a floss pick to swirl your mouth around, and then put them back in than to leave them out all day and night.

I agree with you. Due to arranged events, I did postpone beginning my treatment for a little while after receiving my aligners, but I doubt I would have preferred to wait three months. However, once I got going, I used them aggressively. When you’re attempting to create space so they can stand upright, every little movement counts! And I just wanted it to be over with, because it wasn’t fun.

I’ll mention that there’s a chance you may arrange the arrangement so that, during your celebration, a tray is extended for a week. You’ll wear your aligners mostly to maintain the position in this manner, ensuring that the movement is finished (but attempt to wear them as near to the timeframe as possible). or add an extra three days. Due to several recalcitrant teeth, I followed the orthodontist’s advise and did both. The first week was the week of excruciating movements in my mouth, and the second week was completely painless. But every one is unique.

I would also describe myself as militant! In my office, I spent much of the day invisible to most people. To avoid looking strange, I would remove them when I answered the phone. But they quickly returned inside. I would take them out and put them back in for a 30-minute boss meeting. After the tray settled in and I grew used to conversing with them, I didn’t need to remove them in order to eat and brush. In addition, I’m adamant about wearing retainers at night. I adore my teeth, and I don’t want them to ever become misaligned again.

Yes, that’s funny! I work in healthcare; therefore, it was much more annoying to take off because it was a complete farce, and I completed my masking requirements during that time.
For me, the first two or three days of a new one meant that I had trouble pronouncing my name without a lisp, so I just did it all day, every day :joy:. Occasionally, I had to pronounce it repeatedly for patients. But I’ve reached the other side now! But, congrats!, I’ve also been maintaining my retainer!We Got It :face_holding_back_tears:

Easily relatable, I brought them along for job interviews to help me not feel self-conscious.

Put them on as often as you can. If I had an issue during the treatment, I would carry Colgate Whisps and floss picks to quickly refresh my teeth; if that wasn’t possible, I would at least give my trays a smooth swish with water before replacing them. Additionally, I would sporadically sip light-colored drinks with them—think white wine—though this would be quite unusual. At the earliest opportunity, I would swish with water and make sure to thoroughly brush and clean the retainers afterwards. You might run into issues if you do that every day, but doing it occasionally is acceptable and preferable to keep them out for a long time.

If you consume anything that could stain them, such as coffee, tea, red wine, etc., I would advise against wearing them. If so, you might have to live with yellow teeth until your next appointment.

I have OrthoFX, and I take them off for eating. However, I refrain from using them when consuming water or juices. My upper teeth didn’t track on my 10th aligner, and I had a rescan and got my second set. I’m on my eighth set on my second set, and it’s looking promising.

Wear these when attending the festival. Take them out to eat and drink anything that has a straw in it. Avoid making it a habit!