Retainer after aligners

I am aware that retainers are essential in straightening teeth. How long do I have to wear retainers? Is it included in the package when getting aligners?

I don’t think retainers are included in the package of aligners. Ask your provider in case they do include it in their package.

I usually only see an add on of whitening sets for some providers. You can order your retainers after your treatment.

Ask your provider if they have retainers included. I believe some providers offer it but you have to pay an additional cost.

Usually, you will wear your retainers at the same time you wore your aligners.

Some dental professionals suggest to wearing retainers just as long as you had your aligners. This is essential because it would help stabilize your teeth in their new positions.

My son had his retainers for a year. It was suggested that he wears it for that long so he’s teeth will stabilize. We ordered the retainers separately and we needed to have another impression of his teeth so his retainers will fit perfectly.

Other dental professionals recommend having the retainers for life to prevent movement of the teeth. That’s why some people choose to have a permanent retainer that is cemented on the back of the teeth. After my treatment, I think I’ll be having the permanent one.

I think the permanent retainer is the best option to prevent unwanted movement. I’ve searched online how it looked like and it is cemented on the back of the teeth. The only problem is you can’t floss normally with those on so you need to use threaders with the floss.

How are your son’s teeth? Since he had his retainers only for a year, did any of his teeth move back?

I also think the permanent retainer is the best option out of all the retainers out there. I’ll be more confident that my teeth stays the same with those cemented on my teeth.

Patients should only choose permanent ones if they can promise to maintain great oral hygiene. Flossing will be harder with those retainers.

But aren’t permanent retainers more susceptible to having plaque build up than having removable retainers?

I notice some of his front teeth has shifted, but it’s not that noticeable. You can only see it if you look closely. I’m wondering if he needs to have braces or aligners again.