Should I Start My Plan with minor Gingivitis and Cavity?

Basically what the titles say. I have swelling and cavity in my lower gums on the right side.

It started at about 2 months. I feel pain when I chew something with them. I’ve heard that it hurts a lot when putting them on for the first time. What would happen to me, when a simple bite hurts like hell? It’s like many needles coated with salt are piercing my mouth.

Now I have two options: Live with distorted teeth forever or endure the pain like a Saiyan. Also if I do somehow manage to carry on with the plan. Am I putting the health of my mouth at stake?

You know, doing more harm than the good type of situation.

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Before you start you should definitely speak to your aligner provider who will be able to advise. Also, you should speak to your normal dentist, if possible, to get their advice.

Please let us know how you get on.

You’re right about the part where it hurts a lot. But it only hurts in the start. After a while, you get used to it, like I did.
But your’s is a special case. I don’t think its a good idea. I know that you can’t go to a dentist in the current condition. Maybe call their office or make an appointment over video.
Don’t do something that you’ll later regret.
Here is an answer I found similar to your condition

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don’t risk it, just get it sorted out first and then start your plan.

I would wait until you do not have other conditions. Talk to your dental professional that will help to make a plan for you. He will probably advise to wait until the swelling is down and other issues have been dealt with.

In terms of the pain when you first start wearing an aligner, I found it minimal. Honestly, I wore an aligner several years ago and don’t even remember it being painful so it probably is not that bad!

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If you already have gingivitis and/or cavities you should visit your dentist in order to have these problems fixed.

If your dentist can get gingivitis under control and restore a cavity, then you might be able to use aligners. It usually depends on the severity of the condition.

Your dentist will give you their advice and offer a great solution :+1:

Also, aligner’s treatment is not painful since the movement of teeth is minimum in every step.

I would be nervous to get an aligner until everything else is fixed. I don’t think it would be good to have one in if you have gingivitis.

I would recommend letting your gingivitis and cavities treated prior to having your aligners. Having those problems might worsen once you have the aligners already. And I think your dentist wouldn’t push through with having your aligners when you have problems that needed to be prioritized first.

I actually have the same concern. Based on the other replies here I think I should also ask a dental professional first if I need my cavity to be treated first before having my aligners.

Let a professional treat them first. I had my son’s cavities treated recently since it has been bothering him. Since all cavities has been filled I think he’s ready to have his aligners.

Having aligners when you have a swelling on your oral cavity will give you more problems in the future.

Yes, you are putting your oral health at stake. You said it yourself. You are doing more harm than good when you’ll have your aligners without having the swelling on your gums treated.

Get checked first to be safe. It’s for your overall health. Our oral health can affect other parts of our, especially the heart. That’s why it’s safer to have a thorough check-up before deciding on any other treatment.

It’s true! I know of someone who had her regular check-up with her cardiologist and her doctor suggested having her teeth checked and treated because dirt and bacteria from our mouth can go directly to our heart.

I had the same question, James. And based on everyone’s reply, we should definitely have a check-up first before having aligner treatment.

Definitely NO. Don’t start your plan with the swelling. It might make it worse and can cause detrimental effects on your overall health.

I don’t get why others do not see the importance of regular check-ups. Dentists are doctors too. If you go regularly to your doctors to have your check-up, it should be the same for your oral health. It is important because some bacteria from the mouth can affect the heart.

That’s right. Dentists are doctors too. Others usually just go to the dentist when they have pain or swelling already. Don’t go when it is too late.

I’m lucky enough that it wasn’t that late yet when I had my dental check-up. I had sensitivity on two of my teeth and it was bothersome. I thought that extraction is the only option left. Luckily, it can still be restored. Definitely learned my lesson

It’s so sad that in today’s society, people prioritize material things over their health. They have budget for online shopping but they are very thrifty when it comes to their dental health.