Stopped wearing trays for a week

I started treatment last December. I’m supposed to be on my 4th tray but unfortunately, I left my trays at home. We had to travel because we had a plan to visit my dad who I haven’t seen for a year. I am still with my dad, so it’s been 8 days since I wore my last tray. What should I do :flushed:

If you won’t be going home for a while, contact your provider that you need a replacement. Not wearing your trays for a long time can make your other aligners to not fit.

Contact your provider immediately. They would know the best option for you.

It’s either you go home and continue your trays or you get a replacement from your clinic. In your situation wherein you can’t go home yet, the best option is for you to contact your clinic and get new trays.

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I’m sorry to hear about what happened. You always have an option to go back to your previous aligners to realign your teeth.

I want to know what your provider advised you to do, that is if you contacted your provider.

Not wearing your trays for a week could have negative consequences on your treatment. Your next trays might not fit your teeth anymore so you need to get checked again if your previous tray or next tray will not fit.

Just 2 days without aligners shouldn’t make a big difference, but going a week without wearing them will affect negatively on your next trays. I’m not sure if you need to have a new tray made because your next trays might not fit you well.

Yeah, I think a new tray is needed to get back on track after not wearing aligners for weeks.