Teenagers wearing aligners

My daughter needs to start wearing an aligner. I know she should not drink anything but water while wearing it but if she forgets, is it easy to clean? She drinks pop and iced tea quite a bit and I am not sure if it would stain the liner if she forgets to take it out.

It’s best to stick to clear, cold water when she’s got her aligners in.

Anything else is pretty much fine when they’re out at mealtimes, except she’ll need to just make sure that she brushes and flosses after sugary drinks or anything that could stain and sit on the teeth.

It’s advisable to drink cool water only while wearing her aligners. Sugary and acidic drinks lead to plaque on the aligners. She can drink those occasionally as long as she removes her aligners and rinse her mouth after.

Your daughter might take a lot of getting used to wearing her aligners that she might forget taking it out when drinking pop and iced tea. In case she forgets she should brush her aligners with mild soap and rinse it with water. Though it is better if she removes it when drinking those beverages.

Before I even have my aligners I am starting to change my habit of drinking soda and iced tea. I am told I can still drink those beverages but I need to remove my aligners. But to make it easier I decided to just drink clear, cold water so I don’t need to remove it. I am worried I might forget where I put my aligners if I remove it.

My son likes iced tea a lot. This also might be a problem for him. When he gets his aligners already I wish he could just get used to drinking water only. It would prevent staining on his aligners and also it is better for his health.

Just tell your daughter to drink water. :smile: Pop or soda is not that healthy comparing to water. Drinking mostly water can make her healthier :wink:

Teenagers always forget to remove their aligners when needed. I’m guilty of this :sweat_smile: When I still had my aligners I drank a couple of soda while wearing it. I didn’t notice any staining on my aligners but I decided to stop drinking it anyway because my mom said it might cause staining in the long run. I’m not sure about that though. I think she just said that to make me stop drinking soda.

Always, always stick to drinking water while wearing aligners. A few times of forgetting to remove aligners when drinking pop and iced tea will not be that harmful to the plastic used.

Habits like drinking pop and iced tea can take a while for a person to lessen or stop. Make her used to drinking water instead of those beverages.

Get used to drinking water only when wearing aligners. Its clear color could be discolored when drinking soda or iced tea