Tips for Adjusting to New Aligners?

Hey everyone! Just got my first set of aligners and feeling a bit of discomfort. Any tips on how to make this transition smoother?

Welcome to the club bro! The first few days can be tough. I found that using aligner chewies helps a lot to get them to fit better and feel less strange. Also, make sure to keep them clean to avoid any irritation.

Totally normal to feel that way. I’d suggest sticking to softer foods for the first few days and using a cold compress if your gums feel sore. It gets better, promise!

Don’t forget to keep them on for as close to 22 hours a day as possible! It really makes a difference in how quickly you adjust and how effective your treatment is. Good luck!

if the edges of the aligners are bothering you, you can use a small nail file to smooth them out, but be very gentle. If discomfort persists, don’t hesitate to contact your orthodontist. It’s important they fit right to avoid any issues down the line.