Traditional Braces vs Aligners?

My sister is wearing traditional braces since last year. She had really crowded teeth before and I can see much difference now that she has been wearing it for a year already. I on the other hand have a minor crowding on my front teeth that is barely noticeable before. I decided I want it to get fixed because I get conscious lately when I’m talking to others and they stare at my teeth. Though I haven’t decided yet if I’ll have aligners or the traditional braces. What are the advantages of aligners compared to traditional braces? Any reply would be appreciated.

One of the most apparent benefits of clear aligners is that they’re unnoticeable. There are no metal wires or brackets that sometimes make patients wearing it embarrassed when they smile. They are also removable so you can take it out for eating, drinking and brushing. Since it is removable it’s easier for you to clean your aligners.

Aligners have lots of advantages. Lots of people opt for clear aligners because it can also straighten teeth just like traditional braces. Some of the advantages include:

  • Being discreet - It is inconspicuous. Sometimes even people up close wouldn’t notice because they are clear and blend with your teeth.
  • Removable - Unlike the traditional braces, aligners can be removed. You can take your brace out for eating and drinking. You also need to remove it when brushing your teeth – just as long as you’re wearing them for the recommended 20 to 22 hours a day or the recommended time by the dentist.
  • Easy to clean - Since your aligners can be removed, you can easily remove it to brush your teeth. You can properly clean your aligners and also your teeth. For traditional braces it’s harder to clean teeth since it is fixed. Not being able to clean your teeth can be a risk of having tooth decay.
  • Comfortable - The traditional metal braces can rub the insides of your lips and cheeks. Usually individuals who wear it have mouth sores due to the metal brackets rubbing on their lips and cheeks. Clear Aligners are designed to be smooth and comfortable. At first your aligners might feel quite tight but this pressure is needed to move your teeth.

Other advantages can be further explained by your trusted orthodontist.

My best friend tried both traditional metal braces and aligners and she told me she definitely loved the aligners because it was so convenient. She was happy to have it because she can remove whenever she eats and that makes it easier to be cleaned. The only problem she had was sometimes forgetting where she put her aligners when she removes them.

This are the main reasons why I decided to opt for aligners for my son. Teenagers now are very self-conscious and they don’t want to have metal on their mouth.

Hi! I had braces and I wish I had the option of aligners before. They only told me about the braces so my mother and I didn’t have any choice. I don’t have regrets of having braces because it fixed what needed to be fixed but I wish it didn’t have to be noticeable. I look at my photos when I had braces and I looked awkward. :laughing: Though it’s okay I guess. We all go through that stage. Think about your options well and weigh out the pros and cons carefully.

I have nothing against traditional braces but aligners are just the one for me. It is so convenient because I can remove it anytime I want. Though it’s not advisable to always remove it because you need to wear it as recommended.

For me, the main advantage of aligners is being able to remove it when you eat or brush your teeth. I know when having brackets food usually gets stuck on them so it’s harder to brush.

The aligner process is usually shorter than the usual treatment period for traditional braces. Patients only have to wear the aligners for 6 to 18 months. Traditional braces have an average time of 2 years.

I imagine myself wearing metal brackets and I just don’t see me rocking those metal :joy:

Yeah, because metal braces usually look good on few people only. :sweat_smile:

You should first get a consultation from a dentist before reaching a decision. People say that aligners are the same with Invisalign, only that aligners are way cheaper. But according to professionals, it is better to have your teeth fixed by a registered orthodontist because they specialize in that area. You will be ensured that you are getting the best treatment. If you only have 2 or a few teeth that need to be moved, maybe that’s the time that you can choose aligners.

Mild alignment problems can be treated by all aligners, Invisalign and braces. But problems like overbite, underbite, open bite, or crossbite are better treated with Invisalign and traditional braces. An orthodontist is the best option for getting consultation. It can be expensive, but totally worth it.

People wearing braces are usually portrayed as looking like nerds. I think that’s why people have concerns that they don’t look good when they have braces.

I don’t get it why movies or shows always show people with braces as nerds. :thinking: That’s one of the reasons why I was afraid to have braces because I also have bangs so I might look like the stereotype nerd too. There’s nothing wrong with that, though I just didn’t like those stereotypes shown on those shows.

I agree this was the case before. Braces are much more accepted now than before. Though Invisalign and clear aligners are getting more popular lately.

yeah, totally hate the nerd stereotype in movies. And at the end of the movie, she’ll have a makeover and the braces are gone. It seems like what they’re saying is you can’t be pretty with braces on. :roll_eyes: :unamused:

Invisalign and clear aligners are in right now because people are more conscious about how they look now compared to before.