Tray 19 out of 55 and already so over it

I have treated fifty-five trays. It hasn’t even been a full year and I’m on tray 19. I was informed that I will be receiving rubber bands at tray 11. I’ve wanted to give up ever since I got the rubber bands. The bands have made me ten times more self-conscious of my teeth. I’ve had to get the band’s “buttons” fixed three times because they keep coming off. I’m over it; another band button fell off today. Who has time to keep visiting the orthodontist to get these pointless items replaced?

I simply had to let it out. I’m simply so over it. I have to schedule another appointment on Monday, and because I am unable to do this any longer, I’m thinking of just telling them to remove all of the buttons and move forward with the composite bonding and permanent retainers.

So much progress already. I know it’s hard. Keep at it, you’ll thank yourself later.

I understand you. I constantly forget to replace them at the end of the meal, and I’m so sick of this. I ought to have opted for traditional braces. I’m terrible at this.

Keep going! it is worth the hassle