Ulab Aligner Dissatisfaction

My two months with Ulab aligners have come to an end. I wasn’t happy from the beginning. They land on the roof of my mouth and high on my gums. My tongue is rubbed by a lip on the back of them. Because I have family members who have had Invisalign, I anticipated that the aligner would match my tooth line. My height is double that of Invisalign. I’m considering quitting Ulab because I regret it. My mouth is really dry when I wake up, and it gets even drier when I converse for extended periods. Have these problems affected anybody else? I constantly feel as though I’m wearing a mouthguard. I’m miserable, even though I think I’ve given my mouth enough time to adjust.

I’m sorry to hear you’re having such a tough time with your Ulab aligners. It sounds incredibly frustrating, especially since you had higher expectations based on your family’s experience with Invisalign. The issues you’re describing with the fit and comfort are definitely concerning. The fact that they sit high on your gums and irritate your tongue must make it really hard to wear them all day.

I haven’t used Ulab myself, but I can relate to some of the issues you mentioned. The fit sounds really uncomfortable, especially if it’s irritating your gums and tongue. That dry mouth issue is also a big one – I experienced something like that, and it made speaking and even just wearing the aligners a chore.

haven’t used Ulab, but I had a similar experience with another brand. It’s awful when the aligners are uncomfortable and affect your daily life. Have you talked to your orthodontist about this? Maybe they can adjust them or suggest an alternative.

I’ve heard mixed reviews about Ulab. Some people seem to have great experiences, but others, like you, struggle a lot. I used SmileDirectClub and had some minor issues, but nothing like what you’re describing. Maybe look into other brands or talk to your dentist about your options.

I’ve read about people having similar issues with Ulab. The fit seems to be hit or miss. If you’ve given it two months and still feel miserable, it’s probably time to try something else. Your comfort and oral health are important.