What problems can clear aligners fix?

I’m having a hard time deciding if I’ll change to clear aligners. Right now I am wearing traditional metal braces and I am not happy with how I look with it. My main concern is the space between my front teeth and when I bite I notice that my right set of teeth contacts first. I think I have unbalanced bite if that makes sense. Can aligners fix this problem? Or should I continue with my traditional braces?

Aligners are a good solution for correcting mild to moderately problems on your teeth. They are also effective in correcting tipping movements. I believe the technology of aligners nowadays has improved and there are a variety of treatment plans that they can use to correct those problems. If you are still skeptical you can go to your dentist to have your teeth checked and get a consultation if you are eligible for this type of braces.

Any problems that can be fixed with traditional braces can also be fixed with clear aligners. It just depends on the provider. Though severe problems on your teeth can be hard. It is essential get expert, personalized advice from an orthodontist.

I have the same question. I still haven’t had my consultation yet so I’ll be asking my dentist regarding this.

Clear aligners can fix a lot of problems just like how metal braces. I believe it just depends on how bad the problem is. Aside from straightening teeth, it can also fix an overbite. Specially for Byte aligners as seen here: https://aligners.co/reviews/byte/#do-byte-aligners-fix-overbites

I think those problems you just stated are considered minor. I mean comparing to people I know who had more noticeable and severe problems on their teeth. I’m not sure though since I’m not a dental professional. It’s better to have your assessment first for you to know if it would be better for you to just continue your braces or change to aligners.

My grandson definitely likes the aligners because he said he’ll be more comfortable with it. I don’t think nothing is wrong with metal braces. It just depends on what you think is best for you and what your dental professional or provider would suggest.

I’m sure aligners can fix that for you. They can easily close spaces between teeth. This is from experience.

Aligners can usually treat cases that can also be treated with traditional braces. Cases that can be treated with aligners are crowding, spacing, overbite, openbite, crossbite, overjet, deep bite, and underbite.

Aligners can fix spaces in between teeth. Closing gaps may take only a few months. I’m not sure though with your unbalanced bite.

Having an uneven bite can be hard to treat. You should discuss your treatment options with your dentist or orthodontist.

Some cases are only better treated with metal braces or Invisalign because of their complexity. Some aligners can’t treat certain problems.