Which aligners? Completely puzzled

Aligners would be nice for me, as I live in the US! I’m not very knowledgeable, but it would be nice to attempt an at-home kit; since I just have one snaggletooth, I believe the solution is straightforward. In addition, I’m searching for something that accepts HSA. Which recommendations do you have? Which businesses ought I to avoid? TIA!

I recently underwent Aspen Dental Motto, and my teeth came out fantastic. I’m on week 15/16. However, I would advise against doing it at home because they cannot shift your molars. They accept HSA and FSA, and the cost is almost the same.

I’ve done byte before; it wasn’t a horrible experience, but it wasn’t as effective, and there was no molar movement, which I now realize is absurd.

I used Sure Smile and had them checked by my dentist. It was a great experience, and HSA approved.

It’s important to note that the slogan and sure grin are the same, so I also suggest those.

I’ve heard good things about Candid and Byte, especially regarding customer support and the quality of the aligners. If you’re looking for something HSA-friendly, those two are solid choices. Avoid the really cheap, no-name brands – you don’t want to mess around with your teeth!

Just a heads up, my brother had a pretty rough experience with SmileDirectClub – the aligners didn’t fit properly, and customer service wasn’t very helpful. He ended up switching to Invisalign. It might just be an isolated case, but something to keep in mind.