My teeth are moving

Sometimes when I remove my aligners to eat or brush, I can feel my teeth are loose and are moving. Is this normal? Does anyone have the same experience?

As your aligners gradually move your teeth into their position, your gums are reforming around each tooth as it moves so it is normal that you feel your teeth move.

It’s totally normal Rose. Don’t worry too much. When having braces or aligners, its main goal is to move your teeth so on the course of your treatment your teeth will be mobile because of the constant force applied on your teeth.

Moving teeth is normal because the goal of your aligners or braces is to move your teeth. You have to worry if your teeth don’t move. It might mean that the teeth are ankylosed.

If your teeth are moving it means your aligner is working. It is supposed to move your teeth. But I guess it is worrisome if it wasn’t explained to you beforehand.

I panicked the first time that I noticed that my teeth are moving. I started eating soft food because I’m afraid my teeth might break.

I hope it won’t damage my teeth. I’m afraid it will come off.

I just wish this was explained to me before I had my aligners.

What does it mean when a tooth is ankylosed?

Slight movement is expected when the teeth are being moved by aligners or braces but it will be quite alarming when you see them wiggling a lot.

It is also important to ask questions before deciding on any treatment. Questions like what to expect when wearing aligners and what to do in case problems arise.

I was also panicking on my first few sets of trays. I felt like whenever I remove my trays, some of my mobile teeth will come off with it. That’s why I remove them slowly because of my paranoia.

Had the same experience. :sweat_smile: But after a few days, I realized my teeth won’t come off with my aligners so I got better at adjusting with using my aligners.

An ankylosed tooth means the root of a tooth is permanently connected to the jaw. It cannot move because the tooth no longer has the protective periodontal ligament around it. The root of the tooth will then become permanently attached to the jaw bone. Source:,attached%20to%20the%20jaw%20bone.

A tooth with ankylosis can’t be moved because it is attached to your bone jaw. That’s why it is important to have an x-ray because it can only be seen with an x-ray. Having braces or aligners will not pay off if you have ankylosis on some of your teeth. You might be wondering why they aren’t moving, without knowing it’s because of that condition.

I think everyone experienced this :sweat_smile:

Oh, I see. Thank you for the information. :blush: I didn’t have x-rays taken before I had my aligners.

That might explain why one of my teeth isn’t quite moving. It might be ankylosed. I’m bothered by it because it’s the only remaining tooth that hasn’t moved since I’ve started my aligners.

I agree. Dentists or providers should explain that this might happen when you have aligners so as not to alarm the clients or patients when they experience it.

Good thing my provider explained everything to me so it wasn’t a shock to me when I experienced this.

True. If something is also bothering us, we should directly ask them (the dentists and providers) because they are experts in this field.